Amber Sense mattress

Amber Sense mattress

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Amber Sense mattress - Description

Anatomical design
Detailed description

Amber Sense mattress is made of Ambrafoam foam with amber – a one-of-a-kind formula in the world, developed and patented by us, a Bulgarian company.

Feel the properties of Amber Sense, not for 10 minutes, not for a day or 14 days. We are the first Bulgarian mattress company that has given its customers a guarantee for satisfaction and comfort. We offer a 100 nights trial period, after which we refund the purchase amount to the customer if they are not satisfied with the product. Practice shows that the returns are below 0.7% and we are proud of this result.

The product is made with a core of high-quality and dense foam, which is profiled on one side. The profiling technology is applied in order to create a pleasant massaging effect to the body during the night, but also in order to ventilate the surface of the core. This favors the temperature comfort of the sleeping person, and also prevents the development of mites and microorganisms. On the other hand, you will enjoy the comfort of the heat-sensitive Memory foam, which slightly softens the mattress. Overall, Sense gives a feeling of a bigger support and hardness.

Amber Sense is made of Ambrafoam foam with amber – a one-of-a-kind formula in the world, developed and patented by us, a Bulgarian company.

Amber is a hardened wood resin that matured millions of years before becoming a gemstone. It is a gift from nature, studied by humans, turned into an ornament and used as a dietary supplement and natural antibiotic for centuries.

We believe in the connection between man and nature, we believe in the power of nature and its abilities as a living organism to charge all other living organisms on Earth. Innovation in the sleep industry will bring even more people closer to the natural resources of the environment. Thus, we believe that every Amber client sleeps in the future, in a close proximity with the gifts of nature.

The design of Amber Sense is completed with a case made of highly elastic and OEKO-TECH certified viscose with a breathing 3D net with anti-bacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic coating.

Amber Sense mattress - Product characteristics

  • A core made of high-quality and dense foam for a better support
  • Massaging effect
  • Temperature control
  • Good ventilation
  • Memory foam – universal comfort and softness
  • Ambrafoam product with amber foam – global innovation and patented sleep formula for a better future
  • Textile of highly elastic, OEKO-TECH certified viscose
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-mite
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Height: 20 cm. ± 1 cm.
  • Rolled for easy delivery
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • With an international innovation reward
  • 10 years warranty
  • 100 nights trial period

Amber Sense mattress - How to install it?

To get the most out of your Amber mattress, it should lie on a suitable base.
In other words, the Amber should be comfortable for you to be convenient for you too. We at Amber recommend using a slatted frame!


Slatted frame

Reduces point tension and increases the feeling of comfort.


Spring base

Made of wood and springs, sewn with front fabric.


Hard base

Made entirely of wood and often sewn with non-woven fabric and/or damask.

Our services


A 100-night trial period for mattresses

The real test of our products starts in your bedroom. You have 100 nights test period before you decide to keep the bought product.


Up to 25 years warranty

We give up to 25 warranty on our products, because the investment in quality sleep is long-term.


Free delivery to your front door

A practical and beautiful package, delivered directly to your front door between 1 and 15 days after the order is made.



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Uncompromising quality

The quality certificates that Amber has guarantee its uncompromising manufacture, high-class materials and care for your health. All in accordance with world standards.


Certificate of textile quality


"Innovative enterprise of the year"

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Анита Димитрова 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Горещо препоръчвам!! Вярвам, че качественият сън е от съществена важност , за да се чувства човек пълноценно,инвестицията в качествен матрак си заслужава на 100% ."

Velislava Petkova 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Страхотно отношение,бързо изпълнение на поръчката и спазване на обещаните срокове. За съжаление матракът не беше подходящ за нас,но мога само да им благодаря за коректното отношение относно връщането на матрака и бързото възстанивяване на сумата...."

Лилия Йорданова 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Ползваме го вече 14 дни, невероятен е. Удобен и аз колкото и да се въртя като пумпал мъжа ми не усеща нищо. Поздравления."

Konstantin Rangelov 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Най-хубавият матрак, на който съм спал. Супер хора и обслужване! Силно препоръчвам на всички!"

Tatyana Mineva

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Каквото и да напиша ще е малко!Матрака и отношението на екипа заслужават само суперлативи."

Ekaterina Todeva 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Супер е матракът и обслужването е 5*! Идва бързо, хитро опакован. Разпъваш, лягаш и не ти се става :_) Bravo!"

Юлия Иванова 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Аз съм много зает човек и спя обикновено не повече от 6 часа на нощ. Сутрините бях схваната, недоспала, в лошо настроение. Откакто спя на Амбър, усещането ми сутрин е сякаш съм спала пълноценни 8 часа! Много съм доволна от матрака - това беше една страхотна инвестиция за години напред - 1/4 от живота ми по-точно.Амбър - СТРАХОТНИ СТЕ!!! С нетърпение чаками възглавницата!"