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Нашите продукти са създадени с AmbraFoam® пяна с кехлибар, патентована и единствена по рода си в света. Тя има естествен анти-стрес ефект, отнема статичното електричество от тялото ни и помага за по- спокоен и пълноценен сън.


Amber – a source of peace, wisdom, happiness and good energy

Through many studies over the years the benefits of amber on the human body have been proven. Amber is a gemstone that relieves tension from the body, had a calming effect and reduces pain in the neck, joints and muscles.

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It is not just the product that matters. It is important how this product is made. The technologies are important, but also the competences of the team. We have the most important thing – know-how, thanks to which we can offer something exceptional.

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Comfort is a result of QUALITY

All structural parts that we use in our products are checked, proven and tested, as even the textile is certified.

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INNOVATION for everyone

The patented AmbraFoam® amber-enriched foam is a discovery we made and put into our products to provide even better sleep, a new generation of sleep.

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The real test of our products starts in your bedroom. You have 100 nights test period before you decide to keep the bought product.


Up to 25 years of warranty

We offer mattresses with a long-term warranty because amber sleep is a long-term investment in a better life.


Free delivery to your front door

The practically packed mattress will arrive at your doorstep with a free delivery from 1 to 5 days after the order.



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"This is not just a mattress, this is health and peace"


( 5 / 5 rating )

"I advise you to try the pillow. You will not regret it for sure!"


( 5 / 5 rating )

"Amber is the only mattress that shows us how to sleep better and it is my choice!"


( 5 / 5 rating )

"As a whole, the mattress matches all our expectations that we had for it and we have not regretted it even once."

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Free delivery to your front door


100 nights trial period of mattresses


Up to 25 years warranty


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