Cotton Frost cotton satin

Cotton Frost cotton satin

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Size (sm)

241.35 BGN
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Product description

  • 100% cotton
  • Highest quality workmanship : cotton satin
  • Long live
  • Strength
  • Silky softness
  • Resistant to repeated washing
  • Cool sleeping environment
Sheets single
Single set

Bag 150/220

Bottom sheet 150/240

2 pillow cases 50/70

Sheets double
Double set

Bag 200/220

Bottom sheet 220/240

2 pillow cases 50/70

Cotton Frost bedding set is a luxurious bedroom linen of cotton satin and is in a combination of two colors – soft green and powder.

Coolness, softness, tenderness, beauty, style – our Amber bedding sets are all that.

But their elegant appearance is just a supplement to what our bedding sets actually are – high-quality, strong and silky soft.


Detailed description

Studies show that people sleep deeper and better when their bodies are in a cooler environment. We decided to create that would bring this coolness that would lead to better sleep. We have chosen high-quality 100% cotton satin, washed twice, which becomes softer with each wash, with a high weight, which guarantees its long life and strength. To obtain the colors, natural dyes are used, which will not fade even after 100 washes.

The fabric of our bedroom sets is cotton satin 133/72. Numerous fine 100% cotton threads, processed and woven in a special way, resulting in this softness and shine of the fabric called satin. Extremely gentle, soft and at the same time strong fabric.

Our bedroom sets are made of paspel – a decorative rope that gives a completely different line and style, and certainly distinguishes them from other sets on the market.

The fabric is dyed using the highest quality technology. The colors remain stable and saturated, and even when washed at 40°C, they do not change.

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We give up to 25 warranty on our products, because the investment in quality sleep is long-term.


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The quality certificates that Amber has guarantee its uncompromising manufacture, high-class materials and care for your health. All in accordance with world standards.


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