Deferred payment methods


What is UniCredit Consumer Financing?

A company providing a modern, fast and convenient method for installment purchases. UniCredit Consumer Financing is part of UniCredit – the biggest bank group in Eastern Europe.

Why you should choose UniCredit Cosumer Financing?

- Simplified documentation, required only ID card when applying
- Fast approvement
- Fixed rate

Parameters of the offered loan:

- From 150 to 50 500 BGN, according to your needs and wants
- Payback period from 3 to 72 months, at your request

Why “in installment”?

- Affordable monthly installments
- Today, you buy what you could afford tomorrow
- You are not required to invest a large amount of money in a single purchase

-Alternative payments option via E-Pay and an ATM, free of charge

For additional information:
Call 0700 15 600 for the price of a local call for BTK or

Terms of UniCredit lending

Terms that must be met in order for the online loan agreement to be reviewed and approved by UniCredit Consumer Financing
- To be a Bulgarian citizen with a permanent residence on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria;

- Minimum age at the time of application 18 years

- Minimum age at the end of the period (deadline) of the loan – 75 years

Only a user whose specific online order has a total price (excluding the delivery price) equal or higher than 150 (a hundred and fifty) BGN, regardless of the number and unit online selling price of the goods included in the order, is entitled to apply for a loan.
The minimum monthly installment on an approved loan cannot be less than 20 (twenty) BGN.

The user is notified by phone by UniCredit Consumer Financing in case it is necessary to change the number of installments, different from the desired number of installments specified by the user.
​Instructions for purchase in installments with UniCredit Consumer Financing

1. After you have chosen the desired good, please select the most convenient monthly installment for you with the help of UniCredit calculator.
2. To proceed, please give your consent to the processing of personal data. Please, read the document carefully and check the box “Consent to the processing of personal data”. Thus, you confirm that you agree to your data being processed by UniCredit Consumer Financing in the manner described in the document and for the purposes stated therein.
3. Expect a call form a UniCredit staff member during working hours (between 09:00 and 21:00 during weekdays and between 10:00 and 20:00 during weekends), with whose assistance you will finalize the process of applying for a consumer loan.
4. Once your application for financing is considered, a UniCredit Consumer Financing staff member will contact you in order to inform you of the loan decision.
5. If your loan application is approved, before you receive your goods, you need to sign the documents related the loan agreement.
6. A UniCredit Consumer Financing staff member will contact you by phone on a business day to clarify the details of sending the loan documents that you need to sign.
7. You will receive the documents by courier.
8. IMPORTANT! You need to prepare a photocopy of both sides of your ID card in advance. You must write “True to the original!”, the date and sign yourself.
9. The courier will give you documents to sign in two identical copies – one of them remains for you, and the other one you need to sign and return to the courier. Together with one of the copies of the loan documents you need to return the copy of your ID card, as well.
10. The documents you will receive are: Commodity loan agreement (2 copies), General terms for granting commodity credit (2 copies), Direct debit agreement (if you use ID a personal account), 2 copies of the Insurance certificate (if the credit is protected), General terms and conditions for insurance program by courier.
11. Please, carefully review and sign the documents at the designated places, then add a copy of your ID card and return the documents to the courier.
12. Once UniCredit Consumer Financing receives correctly the signed documents, a staff member of the store will contact you in order to specify the delivery of the goods.

Consent to the processing of personal data

Terms of TBI

All products offered by Amber Technology JSC, both in the physical and in our online store, can be purchased in installments thanks to TBI Bank. On our website, you can apply for an installment purchase of absolutely all products.

With our partners from TBI Bank we have implemented a new online application process that excludes printing and signing documents, photocopying an identity document, as well as returning all of the above back to the sender. All this happens entirely online. After selecting a product on the site, thanks to the calculator located on the checkout page, you can calculate your monthly installment with or without down payment (paid to the courier or in person), whether there will be insurance and what type, as well as, of course, how long would you like to defer your payment. After entering your personal data and submitting your application to TBI Bank, follows a call from the "Online customer service" team of TBI Bank *Given the current situation, this may take up to 1 working day. Upon approval, the TBI employee will explain to you how to attach your ID card and sign the contract online. The approval confirmation is also sent to Amber Technology and we will contact you to clarify the delivery. The Amber Technology team is ready to send you the product within 5 working days.