The story of amber

Amber is inspired by nature, innovation, high technology and the new generation. This is a brand created with the idea of modern sleep. In addition to exceptional service and honesty, we wanted to give real value to customers through a quality sleep product on which to lay our body and rest for hours, recharging. The moment to regain our strength is right during sleep - when our body is at rest for a long time on the same surface. Our ambition is to create smart mattresses and pillows, intertwining the power of nature and new technolgiies.

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Amber products are entirely manufactured in Bulgaria - from components such as our patented Amber foam and multi pocket springs to the zippers and quilting. The constructing designs of the models and their production are carried out in one of the most moddern and well-equipped mattress factories in Europe, covering the strictest quality standards - that of TED BED in Plovdiv.Experts with over 25 years of experience in the industry guarantee the flawless and world-class quality of our products.
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Amber е първият матрак, в който се съдържа кехлибар. Известен с лечебните си качества, кехлибарът отнема напрежението от тялото по време на сън и отпуска мускулите за несравним сън