Amber Baby High-Class baby/kids' mattress

Amber Baby High-Class baby/kids' mattress

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Amber Baby High-Class baby/kids' mattress - Description

Amber boosted sleep for your child
Detailed description

The benefits of amber on the child's body have been known for centuries. As a natural analgesic, it has a positive effect on the immune system, reduces the sensation of pain and stress, soothes.


Amber Baby will provide the best possible base for a calm sleep for your baby or toddler up to 6 years.

Amber Baby is made with Ambrafoam foam with amber – a one-of-a-kind formula in the world, developed and patented by us, a Bulgarian company.

The mattress contains numerous miniature springs, and this is the best support for the developing child's spine. The very structure of Amber Baby allows free access of air to the core and ventilates it perfectly, an this results in an extremely important feature – the cleanliness of the baby mattress inside.

The design of Amber Baby is completed with a case of highly elastic and OEKO-TECH certified viscose with anti-bacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic coating. The case is removable and suitable for machine washing up to 30°C.

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Amber Baby High-Class baby/kids' mattress - Product characteristics

  • A core of miniature springs for the best support for the child's spine
  • Good ventilation inside the product
  • AmbraFoam product with amber foam – global innovation and patented sleep formula for a better future
  • Removable case, suitable for machine washing at 30°C
  • Textile of highly elastic. OEKO-TECH certified viscose
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-mite
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Height: 14 cm. ± 1 cm.
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • With an international innovation award
  • 5 years warranty

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"Innovative enterprise of the year"

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Teodora Nojarova

( 5 / 5 rating )

"I have ordered the Kids mattress and I’m very happy with it, it has the perfect hardness and the quilting is so soft. I’m very satisfied with the client service"

Yordan Hristov 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"След повече от 6 месеца спане върху матрак Амбър, не ми се е случвало дори и за момент да се съмнявам в добрия избор. Прекрасната ми жена изкара почти цялата си бременност с хубав сън, а сега вече два месеца и половина малката Вихричка май повече спи, отколкото да се вихри върху малкия бебешки Амбер дюшек. Благодаря ви!"

Hristina Telefonska 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Поръчахме нестандартен матрак за детско легло. Въпреки забавянето заради нестандартните размери, матрака изглежда много добре. Предстои му сто дни тестов период.Отношението и доставката бяха супер!"