Amber Origin  High-Class mattress

Amber Origin High-Class mattress

( 5 / 5 rating )

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Amber Origin High-Class mattress - Description

Five layers  for aPERFECT COMFORT
Detailed description

Amber Origin mattress provides the necessary support that the body needs so that it can rest in the embrace of blissful sleep. In the making of the core of Amber Origin, we used the innovative AdaptoSpring technology, which is actually a layer of combined and a large number of miniature springs, packaged individually, acting individually or together. The core is zoned in 7 places, which means that in the area of the head, shoulders, lower-back, hips, knees, ankles and feet the springs are tightened according to the needs of this particular body area. It is the adaptive core of Amber Origin mattress gives maximum freedom to the body during sleep and it can take its most natural position. The furniture that supports our natural movements without restricting or hindering them is called ergonomic. Amber Origin is an ergonomic mattress created with a vision for a future in which everyone wakes up rested and charged.

The product has two sides of comfort, as of course, the softer side is made of Мemory foam. Memory foam gives a feeling of weightlessness and is a smart technology that responds to body temperature and follows every curve and movement. This foam creates a universal comfort that users of the exclusive Amber Origin mattress cannot be deprived of. However, those who prefer harder surfaces and strong support will find their comfortable place by turning the mattress over and enjoying the elastic strength of the profiled HR foam.

The Amber Origin mattress is made of Ambrafoam foam with amber – a one-of-a-kind sleep formula in the world, developed and patented by us, a Bulgarian company.

Amber gemstone has proven its power and good effect on the human body through numerous scientific studies. This precious natural material and gift from nature, formed millions of years before it could be used by humans, has a natural anti-stress effect. Thus, it brings peace and balance to its owners. It is not in vain that amber is called “the stone of wisdom, peace and happiness”. And we believe that good energy is a prerequisite for a peaceful and blissful sleep. The Ambrafoam technology has health benefits. It is well known that amber stimulates the metabolism, relieves breathing in asthmatic and allergic problems, helps to overcome physical pain, and also the release of the accumulated in the body negative energy.

Do not forget! Amber is a material left to us as a legacy from prehistoric times and no longer forms in nature, as the trees that used to form it are a long-extinct species.

The unique design of Amber Origin is completed with a case of highly elastic and OEKO-TECH certified viscose with anti-bacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic coating.

Feel the qualities of this extremely good product, not for 10 minutes, not for a day or 14 days. We are the first Bulgarian mattress company that has given its clients a guarantee for satisfaction and comfort. We offer a 100-night trial period, after which we refund the purchase amount to the customer if they are not satisfied with the product. Practice shows that returns are lower than 0.7% and we are proud of this result.

Amber Origin High-Class mattress - Product characteristics

  • An innovative ergonomic multi pocket core with AdaptoSpring technology – provides freedom for every movement
  • Precise comfort for each individual area of the body
  • A natural ventilation system inside the mattress – provides a fresh air flow at all times
  • Memory foam – universal comfort and softness
  • HR foam – provides extremely stable and elastic support
  • Ambrafoam product with amber foam – global innovation with a patented sleep formula for a better future
  • Removable case, suitable for machine washing at 30°C
  • Textile made of high-quality, OEKO-TECH certified viscose
  • Level of firmness: orthopedic design, comfortable to firm
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-mite
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Height: 23 cm. ± 1 cm.
  • Rolled for easy delivery
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • With an international innovation award
  • 25 years warranty
  • 100 nights trial period

Amber Origin High-Class mattress - How to install it?

To get the most out of your Amber mattress, it should lie on a suitable base.
In other words, the Amber should be comfortable for you to be convenient for you too. We at Amber recommend using a slatted frame!


Slatted frame

Reduces point tension and increases the feeling of comfort.


Spring base

Made of wood and springs, sewn with front fabric.


Hard base

Made entirely of wood and often sewn with non-woven fabric and/or damask.


The height is 23cm (+/-1cm)
Amber is suitable for all ages and can be made in any size, including baby and kids'
Amber is a two-sided mattress, i.e. allows you to sleep on both sides. We created it with two levels of hardness - a softer side, thanks to the high-density memory foam, and a harder one, which is due to the profiled 7-zone HR foam.
Amber is suitable for everyone from an early age. Thanks to its orthopedic sleep system, our mattress is also suitable for people who wake up with pain in the lower back, shoulders or neck, as well as for people suffering from diseases of the muscoloskeletal system

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The real test of our products starts in your bedroom. You have 100 nights test period before you decide to keep the bought product.


Up to 25 years warranty

We give up to 25 warranty on our products, because the investment in quality sleep is long-term.


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A practical and beautiful package, delivered directly to your front door between 1 and 15 days after the order is made.



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Uncompromising quality

The quality certificates that Amber has guarantee its uncompromising manufacture, high-class materials and care for your health. All in accordance with world standards.


Certificate of textile quality


"Innovative enterprise of the year"

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Mariya Baleva

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Поръчахме матрак Amber Origin High-Class в комлект с възглавници Amber Softy. Изключително сме доволни! Събуждаме се отпочинали и започваме деня си с усмивка! Прекрасно обслужване! Препоръчвам!!!"

Boryana Georgieva-Todorova 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Повече от 1,5 година използваме матрак AMBER Origin High-Class и вече от около 4 месеца възглавници AMBER Colid, мога да кажа че са една от най-добрите инвестиции, които можете да направите за себе си. Искрено препоръчвам!"

Emil Kolev 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Здравейте, вече година ползвам матрак Amber Origin High Class и се наслаждавам на спокоен сън без болки и отпочинал, въобще пълен релакс. Уважавам хората, които стоят зад Амбър и им благодаря за всичко! Поздрави."

Mell Simeonova 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Матракът на Amber е просто уникално удобен. Една от най-добрите инвестиции, които съм правила. Прекрасно клиентско обслужване. Изключително добра комуникация, точно и коректно отношение. Безкрайно впечатлена съм както от продукта, така и от хората, които стоят зад него. Ако искате да си подарите спокоен съм и комфорт, доверете се на Amber."

Калоян Косев 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Използвам матрак Амбър от около 2 години мога уверено да кажа, че покупката на този премиум матрак е едно от най-добрите ми решения! Ако преди това сте били с бюджетен или износен матрак, ще усетите осезаема разлика още в първите нощи. Препоръчвал съм Амбър продукти на няколко мои приятели и всички сме супер доволни. Благодаря "

Petya Koleva 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"Много съм доволна от вниманието и разбирането, с което подходиха към мен! От няколко месеца съня ми е пълноценен благодарение на Amber Origin! Препоръчвам на всички и на тези, които имат проблем с гръбначният стълб.Опитах и възглавниците, но не ми допаднаха и ги върнах, без никакъв проблем."

Pavel Nachev 

( 5 / 5 rating )

"От 9 месеца вече не работя в Amber. Матракът ми обаче е на повече от година и той не мръднал, откакто замених стария неудобен и спихнал матрак (от незнайна "порода") .Ако търсите нещо качествено и надеждно - Amber определено може да ви го даде!"